Saturday, March 30, 2013

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Striking a Balance of Color in your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal for your exterior home is as important as your interior decor. In fact, for many homeowners your outdoor home is more important because it’s often the only impression of what neighbors and passer-byer’s see when driving past your home! Striking a balance of color in your curb appeal can often be a challenge. Competing color palette from your exterior home façade to colorful landscaping can make your outdoor home look unbalanced and wearing on the eyes. If you are trying to improve your colorful curb appeal, but still keep it looking beautiful, here are some helpful tips.
exterior home colors complimenting
Choose exterior home colors that work in harmony with your landscaping
Image via: Great Neighborhood Homes

Look at your outdoor home as a whole:

As homeowners, often times we look at pieces of our outdoor home instead of looking at it as an entire composition. Stand back at the street and assess your architectural colors of your home along with the landscaping and don’t forget your neighboring houses. Choose colors for your home that bring out the architectural details such as roof lines, shutters around windows, and contrasting trim around the eaves, windows and doors. Look to neighboring houses and pick similar colors to create a harmonious look throughout your neighborhood.
exterior home colors mediterranean
Choose plants and colors carefully for your curb appeal
Image via: Sennikoff Architects

Choose landscaping that doesn’t compete:

Your landscaping is supposed to compliment your home, not compete with it. Many times homeowners get excited about planting trees, shrubs, flowers and adding garden decor that detracts from your exterior home. Decide what balance you want in your exterior home. If you have eye-catching details on your façade, opt for taller or shorter plants that are simplified and vice versa. Your outdoor home should read as one unified scheme. When choosing plants plan for their growth and how they will look years from now, this will help in keeping your vision a reality.
exteriror home colors contrasting
Exterior home colors contrasting
Image via: Great Rooms Designers & Builders
Your outdoor home should be your crowning glory of your street.  Use these exterior inspiration ideas to strike a balance between color, scale, and texture around your home. You will love how your home looks from the street and feel even better when leaving your home everyday.

Shining Stars Kindergarten at New Work

New Work ::: Shining Stars Kindergarten

This neighbourhood kindergarten designed by architects Djuhara + Djuhara is located on a busy street in the suburbs of Jakarta, Indonesia. The palette is comprised of local materials including hollow bricks and ceramic tiles - patterned to create interest and reclaimed lumber for doors, decks and furniture and simple concrete floors. The play areas are placed in lawned courtyards and are buffered by big sliding doors help to bring natural light and aid cross ventilation. At the highest level of the 560m2 kindergarten is a roof top garden with potted fruit trees.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Hotel Nau Royal View Night New Work

New Work ::: Hotel Nau Royal

This new boutique hotel in São Sebastião in Sao Paulo was designed by Brazilian Architects GCP. Large window openings face the views along the Cambury Beach and are framed by certified timber brise-soleils. The design from inception aimed to minimize the impact with the environment; the hotel harvests all rain and gray water used on the property, which is then treated and re-used in the toilets and all hot water is produced by Solar water heaters.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Minimalist wooden home designs

 bricks and wooden home design.
 wooden home design double storey, up down 2 portions.
 front wooden home design view.
 new style of wooden home design.
small wooden home design idea. image

south Africa luxury home designs pictures

luxury homes south Africa.

modern hill minimalist home designs

 modern home design on hills.
 modern home design on hills.
  modern home design on hills.
   modern home design on hills.
   modern home design on hills.

Malaysian modern home designs pictures

Malaysian modern home designs.

Modern solar home designs

 solar home designs.
  solar home designs.
  solar home designs.
 solar home designs.
 solar home designs.

luxury home designs interior

 luxury home modern designs inside.
 interior home design photo.
 luxury home design interior European style.
 modern home design interior luxury.
 interior decoration inside modern home.
modern luxury home design interior decoration image.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Excellent modern minimalist home designs

 Excellent home design exterior photo.
 Excellent home design exterior idea image.
 Excellent home design exterior artistic photo.
Excellent house design exterior image.

France minimalist homes designs

Beautiful French homes designs. 
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